Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does Actoflor-S metabiotic contain so many components?

    Activity of Actoflor-S depends on the collective effect of 12 components. Numerous experiments have shown that the removal of at least one component or its concentration change lead to a decreased metabiotic activity.

  • What are Actoflor-S components functions?

    Carboxylic acids are nutrition sources for bacteria. They host cells and have a regulatory effect. First of all, cells of a gut microbiota are under effect. 

    Carboxylic acids and other metabolites, depending on their concentration and composition, have a stimulatory effect on the growth and on the activity of some microorganisms and inhibit the development of others. Generally, it helps to optimize gut microbiota functions.


    Acetate (acetic acid salt) and lactate (lactic acid salt) adjust the pH level, motion and secretory activity of the intestine, also they have laxative and antimicrobial effects.


    Some of amino acids (glutamic acid, methionine, lysine, leucine, etc.) have a stimulating effect on a normal flora and probiotic bacteria. Glycine regulates the amount of bacteria cells.

  • Can I take Actoflor-S during antibiotic therapy?

    Actoflor-S doesn't contain bacteria or their components. It includes only the metabolites of bacteria, obtained by chemical synthesis, so Actoflor-S retains its effectiveness during antibiotic therapy. Thus, there are no contraindications for concurrent use of Actoflor-S and antibiotics. However, for the concurrent use you should consult with your healthcare specialist.

  • Are bacteria necessary to restore gut microbiota?

    Probiotics which contain bacteria often provide no effect. The majority of microorganisms don't survive in the stomach and in the upper intestine, the survived ones may be rejected by resident microbiota. Furthermore, probiotics can cause side effects such as allergy or diarrhea. At the same time co-administration of antibiotics and probiotics is not very effective, because the latter inhibit the activity of the bacteria. Besides, it is impossible to determine the optimum number of bacteria to provide a necessary effect. Therefore, it is preferred to use products that don't contain bacteria or their components.


  • Where is Actoflor-S produced?

    Actoflor-S is made using the newest high tech European equipment at SOLOPHARM plant in St. Petersburg. SOLOPHARM– is the leading producer of liquid drugs in Russia. Also it is the largest pharmaceutical plant which produces sterile liquid dosage forms according to GMP standards I Russia

  • What happens if I stop taking Actoflor-S for a few days?

    If you forget to take Actoflor-S, you do not need to take a few doses at one time, just follow your usual scheme

  • Can I take Actoflor-S if I have high stomach acidity?

    Patients with high acidity can take Actoflor-S. Undiluted Actoflor-S is slightly acidic solution with pH 5.7. Majority of food is more acidic. For example, the pH of potatoes – 5.6- 6.0.

  • Is Actoflor-S a medicine?

    Actoflor-S is not a medicine. It is registered as a food supplement.

  • Can I give Actoflor-S to my child?

    Actoflor-S is not recommended for children.

  • In which dosage forms is Actoflor-S produced?

    2 ml dropper tubes, 10 or 30 per pack

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Consult your healthcare professional before use